Saturday, April 16, 2011

Battlefield 3

***SPOILER ALERT - This video shows most of a mission***

So Battlefield 3 looks absolutely amazing. Set in the current day it reminds me more of Modern Warfare than older COD games. I truly think that Battlefield 3 could take over Call of Duty in the PC market if they allow for people to run their own servers, and make some PC mod tools.

What are your thoughts? Currently I'm loving it, but am spending too much time playing games to unlock Portal 2 than anything else. Post your thoughts below!

***Remember! There is a Portal 1 contest below for a free copy of Portal 1!***


  1. The graphics look amazing on this. I bet it will definitely be better than COD.

  2. holy crap, BF RETURNS!!

    no doubt it will overtake it has a pc following. BF2 and 1942 anyone?!

  3. i already have portal 1 (2 copies actually) so i dont need to win but thanks for the offer :]

  4. BF3 looks great so far, and I hate COD

  5. damn BF is returning! thanks for the info bro ;D

  6. Im looking farward to playing this game.