Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nostalgia time folks!

Today one of my friends sent me a link to a video that had part of Yoshi's Island's theme song. I got so excited I went and played it a bit! That involved finding an N64 controller, hooking up the N64, and finding the cartridge. Then it reminded me about my other N64 games... this took me a good hour or two of going through just a few minutes of each of my games and finding where I was save-wise.

Zelda... still stuck at the Water Temple... in need of a new game. Stupid key bug... :(... Super Mario had two 120 star saves, a 20 star save (complete using stair hack), and a new game. After playing around with the face for a while anyways... ah the start screen that took hours away from our lives.

I then went and plugged in my original xbox with all my games backed up to it (yay mod chip!). I played some NFL Street 2, and remembered that I should always play the Patriots, and always pick the fattest players. That is how you win (#winning). So after playing all the older games (I don't currently have an NES or SNES), I decided that I would ask you guys what older games still give you the same excitement that they first gave you when you played them the first time.

Below, I want you to list your favorite N64, SNES, or NES games. To get you started I will post mine:

1. Goldeneye N64
2. Super Mario 64 N64
3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island N64
4. Duck Hunter/Super Mario Bros NES
5. Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64

To get you in the mood... here's the theme song from Yoshi's Island

So let me know your favorites. Post them below, and we'll see how your favorite games stack up!


  1. Golden Eye, with lasers. Or bigheads.

  2. I loves me some Banjo Kazooie. And Tooie.

    The first 3 Mario Parties are a necessity for me as well. Nothing better than getting a few friends together and playing.

    Also at the top of my list is WCW vs NWO world tour. No, I'm not a big wrestling fan, but the craziness of the game is really entertaining! It must have done something right to be a bestseller in the N64's heyday!

  3. def goldeneye. i played so much Zelda tho my fingers were bleeding haha

  4. Oh my god, I love Super Mario 64... even nowadays I still playing it sometimes :(