Friday, April 8, 2011


So Dogshep and I are both reformed and recovering WoW addicts. We played decently hardcore, and we were pretty good. Dog played a Warrior from his first day, and I swapped a little bit until I settled on a mage.

We were both alliance, and enjoyed playing it, but the one thing I'd always wanted was a Raptor mount. The troll racial mount was just awesome. Maybe it's the little kid in me that secretly still wants a T-Rex to ride around and terrorize the neighbors, but riding a raptor just looks cool.

The only ones available were the insanely hard to get then, and now impossible to get Swift Razzashi Raptor from ZG, and the not as good looking skeletal one from archeology.

Now, however, the WoW TCG has a raptor code to match the Spectral Tiger.
The Savage Raptor.

This tempts me back to WoW just so I can finally get one....