Friday, April 8, 2011

λ or.....?

So the Lord of all that is delicious and good in gaming, Gabe Newell has taunted the internet...

Anyone want to explain this? So far, I've heard that the image name "Berets or Scoop" is an anagram for Reboot Process.

Others have suggested it's about Black Mesa or HL2E3.

Eh, whatever it is, if it's from Valve, it should be legit.



  1. damnit. I can't figure that out hahaha and it bothers me :P GIVE ME YOUR ANSWERS GABE!

  2. If its more half life goodness I'll be stoked for release!

  3. It's Portal Two
    GLaDOS coming back to life

  4. Pretty sure your post just got shut down Trap. It's not interesting any more now that we know what it is :-D